First Annual Saltz Lab Pooter Olympics!

The first ever Saltz Lab Pooter Olympics was a success!  Undergraduate researchers Ben, Rachel and Raleigh competed to improve their fly handling skills and secure the title of Best Pooter Ever!  Ever, people.  Also, they got stickers.
Diabolical pooting challenges were designed by lab manager Adam Geiger.

Ready… set… POOT:

Photo Oct 31, 2 16 44 PMPhoto Oct 31, 2 36 04 PMPhoto Oct 31, 2 22 58 PM
Everyone scored 10 points for an improbable and not at all intentional 3-way tie.  Tie-breakers next semester may include food-making skills. Stay tuned!

Many flies were harmed in the making of the Pooter Olympics.  Sorry, flies.




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