Spring semester happenings

IMG_1819We are wrapping up a busy semester, and our first experiment.  Undergraduate researchers Rachel and Ben (above), and Francie and Meghan (below), took the UH Evolution & Ecology Symposium by storm!  Rachel and Ben’s poster was honored with Distinction–they got free books!

Ben was also recently awarded a Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Award, to continue conducting research in the lab this summer.  The award is funded by the BioSciences Department, and by generous private donors.  Thank you donors!

IMG_1816  This summer, we will be joined by Pranay, a high school volunteer; Nora, an REU Bionetworks student; and the first ever Saltz lab Ph.D. student (!!!), Eric Wice!  See the People (et al) page for more about Saltz Lab members.

An online early copy of Brad Foley’s paper (that I co-authored) using Approximate Bayesian Computation methods to mathematically model social niche construction is finally available on Am Nat’s website.  This work inspired us to measure the genetic correlation between males and females in their social preference across densities.  Final data collection tomorrow!

If you are attending ABS 2015 in Anchorage, I will be speaking on Sunday, June 14, in the Behavioral Plasticity I section.  Please stop by and say hi!




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