Saltz Lab Pooter Olympics 2015

The 2015 Saltz Lab Annual Pooter Olympics was our biggest and best yet!  7 undergraduates and 1 graduate student competed on Team Drosophila and Team Melanogaster for victory!  Lab Manager Adam and I served as referees.

pooter olympics 2

Adam explains the rules of the Pooter Olympics, which makes sense because he also made them up.

Ready, set, POOT:

pooter olympics1

Eric and Francie execute advanced pooting techniques

In the end, team Drosophila won.  But really everyone won by practicing their fly handling skills!  Or really I win because I have these awesome people in my lab (cheesy but true).

pooter olympics 5

Saltz Lab Fall 2015!  From left: Sam Gao, Eric Wice, Adam Geiger, Ben Johnson, Francie Hessel, Maddy Adams, Stephanie Zhao, Raleigh Adams, and Isabel Deakins.



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