Be my colleague at Rice! (so many options!)

Are you awesome?  Obviously yes because you are here.  Therefore, you should check out the fantastic job opportunities we have in the BioSciences Department right now.

Tenure-track jobs (yes… jobs plural): we are searching in the broad areas of Ecology & Evolution and in Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  Both of these could include behavior, genetics and neuroscience.  Please apply!  Go here.

Huxley Fellowships (yes… fellowships plural): we are searching for Huxley Fellows in Ecology & Evolution.  This is a unique position that is sort of like a very independent postdoc or a 2-3 year faculty position.  Basically, you get to do your own science, teach, and participate in the department, so it’s ideal for a very independent postdoc. Go here.

I’m happy to answer questions about these positions.
Not convinced?  At Rice…

  • You can buy coffee for $1 without waiting in line.
  • We’re right across the street from the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world with dozens of biomedical institutions.
  • Our students do things like this… (semi-voluntarily!)


And a million other great things!  Like amazing colleagues!  (But that one was too obvious.)  And, in case you’re wondering–no, we do not have “campus carry.”


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