Discrimination is unacceptable

As a scientist and person, I am heartbroken by the discriminatory hate speech and violence that have broken out in the wake of the election.

My lab studies diversity.  At least in fruit flies, we find that diversity does amazing things.  It can change the relationship between genotype and phenotype.  It can change selection itself!  Outside of science, I deeply value the diversity of experiences, perspectives, and humans whom I have known in my life, and who are out there contributing to our society.  Targeting people because they are “different” (as if anyone isn’t) is disgusting.

I am committed to valuing and protecting all members of our community.  If you are a Rice community member and need a space space, I am available.  There are also resources available to you at the Wellbeing center.  If you have ideas about how we can stand against discrimination, please share them (julia.b.saltz@rice.edu).  If you identify as a female scientist and want to join our Women in Natural Sciences group, please email me.

Stay safe.

rainbow chalk.jpeg


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