Painting Olympics 2017!

This year’s lab skills olympics (previously Pooter Olympics–2014, 2015) was focused on our most hand-eye-coordination-intensive task: painting flies!  You don’t actually paint the whole fly (if you’re doing it right…); you paint a small dot on the pronotum.  This allows us to identify individuals during behavioral observations.

4 teams competed in 4 events.  They had to:

Aim 1. Paint as many flies as possible in 1 minute

Aim 2. Paint a fly with as many colors as possible (record = 4 colors)

Aim 3. Cooperatively paint flies (one team member holds the fly in place while the other paints)

Aim 4. Finger painting!


Ben and Emma painting cooperatively!

Fun times ensued.

File_000 (3)

The results!  Plotted as reaction norms because obviously.

As you can see, there was considerable rank instability of team performance across painting contexts.  Could this suggest tradeoffs?  Painting speed vs. painting accuracy?  Team vs. individual proficiency?  Clearly, further research is needed!

File_000 (2)

Saltz Lab 2017! (some members missing)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this and more mundane tasks, like painting flies for science!  Go science!


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