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Image result for open accessSaltz, JB; Hughes, K; Keagy, J; Gomulkeiwicz, R; Bell, AM; and Flint, J. 2018. Why do estimates of GxE vary? Ecology and Evolution 2018;00:1–12.

Keiser, CN; Rudolf, VHW; Sartain, E*; Every, E*; and Saltz, JB. Social context alters host behavior and infection risk. Behavioral Ecology online ahead of print:
Press: Rice University press release, futurity, ScienceDaily

Bell, AM; Saltz, JB. 2017. Comment on Baumert et al.: Integrating Personality Structure, Personality Process, and Personality Development. European Journal of Personality 31(5): 532-533.

Keiser, CN; Vodjvodic, S; Butler, I; Sartain, E; Rudolf, VHW; and Saltz, JB. 2017. Queen presence alters the relationship between collective behavior and disease susceptibility in ant colonies. Journal of Animal Ecology 87(2): 379–387.

Saltz, JB; Lymer, S; Gabrielian, JG; and Nuzhdin SV. Genetic correlations among developmental and contextual behavioral plasticity in Drosophila melanogaster. The American Naturalist 190(1): 61-72.
Press: Am Nat Forthcoming Papers; Rice University press release; futurity.

Saltz, JB; Hessel, F*; and Kelly, MW. 2017. Trait correlations in the genomics era. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 32(4): 279-290.
Press: LSU press release

Saltz, JB. 2017. Genetic variation in social environment construction influences the development of aggressive behavior in Drosophila melanogaster. Heredity 118:340-347.
Press: Interview with me about the paper featured on the Heredity podcast; Rice’s press release picked up by futurity and

Saltz, JB; Geiger, AP; Anderson, R*; Johnson, BJ*; and Marren, RI*. 2016 What, if anything, is a social niche?Evolutionary Ecology 30(2): 349-364.

Foley, BR; Saltz, JB; Nuzhdin, SV; and Marjoram, P. 2015. A Bayesian approach to social structure uncovers cryptic regulation of group dynamics in Drosophila melanogaster. The American Naturalist 185(6):797-808.

Saltz, JB and Nuzhdin, SV. 2014. Genetic variation in niche construction and its implications: Response to Shuker. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 29(6): 304-305.

Saltz, JB; and Nuzhdin, SV. 2014. Genetic variation in niche construction: implications for development and evolutionary genetics. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 29(1): 8-14 Access the recommendation on F1000Prime

Saltz, JB. 2013. Genetic composition of social groups influences male aggressive behaviour and fitness in natural genotypes of Drosophila melanogaster. Proceedings of the Royal Society B280: 20131926.

Stamps, JA; Saltz, JB; and Krishnan, VV. 2013. Genotypic differences in behavioural entropy: unpredictable genotypes are composed of unpredictable individuals. Animal Behaviour 86(3): 641-649.

Ardekani, R; Biyani, A; Dalton, J; Saltz, JB; Arbeitman, MA; Tower, J; Nuzhdin S; and Tavaré, S. 2013. Three dimensional tracking and behavior monitoring of multiple fruit flies. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 10: 20120547
Press: USC news: The secret life of fruit flies 

Saltz, JB; Alicuben, ET*; Grubman, J*; Harkenrider, M*; Megowan, N*; and Nuzhdin, SV. 2012. Non-additive indirect effects of group genetic diversity on larval viability in D. melanogaster imply key role of maternal decision-making.Molecular Ecology 21(9): 2270-2281.

Saltz, JB. 2011. Natural genetic variation in social environment choice: context-dependent gene- environment correlation in Drosophila melanogaster. Evolution 65(8): 2325–2334

Saltz, JB and Foley, BR. 2011. Natural genetic variation in social niche construction: social effects of aggression drive disruptive sexual selection in Drosophila melanogaster.The American Naturalist 177(5): 645-654.
Press: Review in Science Daily; This paper won The American Naturalists’Best Student Paper award in 2012

Miller, PM; Saltz, JB; Cochrane, VA; Marcinkowski, CM; Mobin, R; and Turner, TL. 2011. Natural variation in decision-making behavior in Drosophila melanogaster. PLoS One 6(1):e16436.

Conrad, L; Weinersmith, KL; Brodin, T; Saltz, JB; and Sih, A. 2011. Behavioural syndromes in fishes: a review with implications for ecology and fisheries management.  Journal of Fish Biology 78(2):395-435.


Stamps, JA; Biro, B; Mitchell, D.; and Saltz, JB. Using Bayesian models of development to predict genotypic differences in plasticity. In revision at Evolution

Geiger, A; and Saltz, JB. Positive and negative cross-sex correlations govern the genetic architecture of social group choice in D. melanogaster. In revision at Evolution Letters

*denotes undergraduate co-authors

pretrial attraction to ethyl acetate


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